Property Management Answering Service

Attention owners and managers of rental properties!

property manager answering service image Are you finding that your office staff is too busy answering calls rather than helping you run your business?

property manager answering service image Are you finding that current tenants are complaining about not getting a hold of someone when they need something?

property manager answering service image Are you finding that perspective tenants aren’t getting that ‘first call resolution’ that they need to be willing to rent from you?

Property Management Answering Service Customized To Your Business!

We offer 24/7/365 phone coverage for property managers and rental property owners. Our existing clients for our professional property management answering service have experienced the above mentioned issues, and sought out our assistance to give their tenants peace of mind when renting from them. They have also seen a spike in rental inquiry conversions, bringing more money to their bottom line!

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Here’s a scenario: It’s during office hours, the main phone line is ringing, but your office manager is out on a showing. Guess what? That call that just hit the answering machine voice mail was another prospective tenant. Yes, the tenant leaves his/her information in the mail box (along with the other 5 callers), but moves onto your competitor’s rental property up the street. This is something that’s easily avoidable. When working with our company, you can setup your office line to ring a certain number of times, but, instead of the caller hitting a voice mail box if that call goes unanswered, they will be transferred to one of our operators here at the answering service. From there, our operator will follow a dedicated script that will gather all of the information needed to contact your perspective renter. Furthermore, the operator will give that caller a time frame of when they should expect to hear back from you regarding their inquiry. This does two things: 1. The caller knows that they spoke with a live person and left all of their information. 2. The caller knows when to expect to hear back from you, based on what the operator told them. Your perspective renter is less likely to move onto your competitor down the street if they speak with an operator rather than a voice mail box.

Property Management Answering Service That’s Perfect For Maintenance Calls

The same situation can happen with your current tenants trying to place an urgent maintenance call either during office hours or after office hours. When your unit springs a significant leak or it’s during the winter months and your furnace suddenly stops working, having your tenant calls hit a voice mail box or rely on one maintenance person to answer all calls in the middle of the night may not yield the best results. You can rest assured that our operators will be available at any time of day or night to not only answer that emergency maintenance call, but also have the proper communication method for contacting someone to assist.

Want To Find Affordable Property Management Answering Services?

We often get the questions – Can I afford your property management telephone answering service? How do I justify the cost?

Having an entire answering service backing your company 24/7/365 is significantly cheaper than hiring another staff member or two to simply answer incoming calls. Not to mention, our cost doesn’t change when calls are handled “after hours”. You may have to compensate overtime to staff members working directly for your company when they’re outside of the 9-5. You may find that based on tenant satisfaction and higher rental inquiry conversion rates, that our cost is easily absorbed!

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